The National Law

The National Law conundrum

There has been multiple inquiries relevant to domestic commercial vessels this year, including the Senate Inquiry into AMSA and the Productivity Commission Inquiry into National Transport Regulatory Reform, which released its draft report in November 2019. Both inquiries have highlighted the difficulty experienced by industry and the regulators in implementing and adjusting to such a significant change.

MIAL is closely engaged with the work of AMSA’s Domestic Commercial Vessels Industry Advisory Group, the Industry Reference Group for Marine Order 505, and the Maritime Training Package Industry Reference Committee. With changes coming regarding near coastal qualifications, passenger vessel safety, and concerns expressed about the life of current grandfathering provisions, MIAL is working with our members to develop appropriate industry positions that reflect practical approaches to improving safety. 

Work is also beginning on AMSA’s review of costs and charges as a key input to the Governments consideration of the levy on domestic commercial vessels to be applied from 2021. MIAL continues to advocate for the application of a levy that is risk based, reflecting the true cost of AMSA’s compliance activities, contains a government funded public good element ensuring the ongoing viability of domestic commercial vessel industries and importantly, marks the end of cross subsidisation between maritime sectors.

Angela Gillham

December 17, 2019