The Brave New World of Maritime Energy

The Brave New World of Maritime Energy

It’s interesting days for international shipping, with the most significant and far reaching environmental reform applying from next year. With no transition period, no phase in, but a hard start date, the global sulphur cap enters into force from 1 January 2020.

Even now, it is still unclear precisely what the impact will be, how the additional cost of shipping will flow to consumers and what disruptions and compliance issues will occur as supply and port State control approaches play out in the first half of next year.

Next year will also see some major regulatory developments at IMO with the finalisation of short term technical measures for the reduction of GHG emissions from international shipping and the ramping up of discussions that will be critical to facilitating the shipping industry’s long term transition to zero carbon fuels.

The ongoing challenge of providing an affordable international shipping service to underpin world trade is unprecedented and coupled with the current pace of change being experienced, will change the face of shipping forever.   

MIAL Members will continue to receive updates and participate in discussion and debate around this important issue.

Angela Gillham
Deputy CEO

December 17, 2019