MIAL's Diversity Survey

It's undeniable that 2019 has been the year for women in maritime.  With “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community” as the theme of 2019 World Maritime Day, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) says this was an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality – and communities around the world followed suit.  

As the industry peak body representing vessel owners, operators and employers across the maritime industry, MIAL released two surveys (one for HR managers and business owners and another for employees working in the national maritime industry) to gather information relating to gender diversity in the Australian maritime industry. With this survey data, MIAL is analysing how a broad range of organisations work within their organisations to promote diversity and will look to develop initiatives within the industry to increase diversity and inclusion. 

The focus on diversity will continue into next year with MIAL  releasing the survey results in early 2020.  If you would like to stay up to date with the Diversity Survey outcomes then please click here.

Tayissa Popowicz
Workplace Relations Advisor

December 17, 2019