Biosecurity - more and more

Biosecurity – more and more

The Government has committed to rethinking the design of the biosecurity imports levy and take the most cost-effective approach and apply directly to imports, while in the meantime, increasing the vessel arrival charge by $134 and the Full Import Declaration by $7. This approach goes some way to accepting the recommendations of industry outlined in the report of the Biosecurity Imports Levy Steering Committee. Adequately funding the complex Australian biosecurity system is certainly a challenge, and efficient design mechanisms are critical so as not to unnecessarily increase costs to the Australian consumer.

Big changes are afoot in 2020 for marine biosecurity with further targeted consultation and a government decision pending on the implementation of specific Australian biofouling regulations under the Biosecurity Act 2015. There is a growing emphasis on biofouling management domestically as well, and the implementation of ship specific biofouling management plans and records will be key to compliance for operators across the board.     

Angela Gillham
Deputy CEO

December 17, 2019