SEA18 Exhibitor

October 15 & 16


SEA18 Exhibition

We do the work, you get the exposure

Deadline for participation is September 26th

At the SEA18, you will have the opportunity to participate in a showcase to demonstrate your business.

For MIAL Members, we need YOUR images and copy!

For Non Members, we need YOUR images, copy and payment!

We have put together the concept for a high impact display at Hotel Realm for the SEA18 Conference & Dinner.  The display will also be presented to politicians at the Parliament House Cocktail Reception.  

All you need to do is supply with a high res image and upto 100 words of copy.  

The Display

The SEA18 Display Banner concept will work like this, with one image and copy per poster, very pure and clean. There is an option for a trade display table.  An artist's impression is provided below:

Plinths will also be used and scattered throughout the room.  We have mocked up an example to show you how the displays will look overleaf. 

We will have in attendance:

  • Politicians
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Stakeholders
  • MIAL Members
  • Government Departments

Showcasing your innovation
The only requirement we need from you is the completed form plus:

  • An image that will be turned into an A2 Poster and an A3 display stand.  The dimensions are:
    • Full Bleed Size: 42.4 x 59.8 cm/2504 x 3531 pixels 
      Alternatively just supply the highest resolution image/s you have

  • 100 words on your organisation (this can be sent as a word document)

If you would like to be part of the exhibition, please complete the attached form. 

MIAL Members exhibit for free.   This includes the banner, set up, hired plinth and A4 Display Card.
Non members can exhibit for $850 + GST = $935*.  This includes the banner, set up, hired plinth and A4 Display Card.

To Sum Up

  1. You don’t need to do anything but supply us with the image and copy, we will do it all for you
  2. This is an opportunity to promote your business to politicians, MIAL members and SEA18 delegates collectively

For further information contact:

Alison Saunders on 0409 694 297 or email

*All prices are in AUD.