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Intro To Shipping

The Shipping Industry Induction course is a comprehensive one day course that covers key industry topics. The course is perfect for administration people who work in the shipping industry or new staff who need to learn about the shipping industry or employees who need a general overview about the maritime sector.  A ship visit is normally included in this course. The price is $500 for MIAL Members and $583.00 for Non Members.

Shipping Industry Induction Course is $454.55 + $45.45 (GST) = $500 including GST for Members & $530 + $53 (GST) = $583 including GST for non Members.



By Tom Dragutinovich




TIME: 9.00am - 3.30pm

COST: MIAL Member $750, Non Members $1200 

The Introduction to Offshore Oil & Gas Maritime Operations is a comprehensive one day course that educates participants on the fundamental aspects of this complex area from a maritime perspective.  It will enable attendees to understand the process sequence from exploration to demobilisation.

The course focuses on introducing maritime operations in the offshore oil and gas industry including the introduction of key terms.


As a result of attending this course, participants will be informed about:

  • The importance of the maritime operations to the offshore oil & gas sector
  • The multi-faceted and diverse vessel demand across the range of field exploration stages
  • The process sequence and stages from exploration to demobilisation
  • A time line demonstrating the complexities of offshore oil & gas within a maritime context
  • The commercial realities and market impact that underpin the maritime sector
  • Utilisation of manpower and the living and working conditions offshore
  • International and national links in the field of maritime operations in offshore oil & gas, particularly in the area of policy and regulation


  • Managers who want to learn about the complex maritime needs of the offshore oil & gas sector
  • HR Managers, Lawyers & Training Providers
  • Govenment departments, Defence Force personnel, Regulators
  • New staff to offshore companies
  • Anyone who wants to understand maritime operations in offshore oil & gas

Note: Participants are encouraged to have completed the MIAL Introduction to Shipping Course or have a basic understand of maritime terms.

For further enquiries phone 03) 9647 6000.

All prices include GST

Advanced Shipping Course

The Advanced Shipping Course is a two day intensive program aimed at: vessel crewing personnel, maritime lawyers, maritime regulatory organisations, port operators, port service providers and ship brokers.  There is a visit to a Port included in this course. The cost is $1050 for Members or $1160 for Non Members.

Topics covered include:

  • Ship Building
  • Vessel Machinery
  • Vessel Budgets
  • Vessel Employment
  • Port Operations
  • Port Visit
  • Shipping Standards
  • End of A Ship's Life

Advanced Shipping Course is $954.55 +$95.45 (GST) = $1050 including GST for Members & $1054.55 + $105.45 (GST) = $1160 for non Members.

The course dates are:


To note:
All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.
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Refunds will be given upto 7 days prior to a course date. If MIAL cancel a course, then those registered and paid can defer to another course date or receive a refund.

Courses are conducted at MIAL’s office in Melbourne and at venues in Sydney, Brisbane, Fremantle and Port Hedland.  The Shipping Industry Induction Course can also be run in-house.  For more information please contact MIAL on 03 9647 6000.